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Accrosys Technologies is the #1 Online Reputation Management Company In Kolkata

#1 Best Online Reputation Management Company In India

We help to negate the effects causing harm to your reputation and building a positive brand image for your products/services. If your company has been the victim of false negative feedback on certain blogs or forums, or if a resented customer has been overaggressive, if those negative posts are smearing your good Reputation on the first result pages, after searching for your company name or best keywords, then Reputation Management is the right solution for you.At Accrosys Technologies, we’ll help restore and protect the reputation you’ve worked hard to build.

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Our process begins with a detailed complexion report that outlines the current sentiment and existing rankings related to your brand or personal name. This complexion report identifies the strength of the various negative listings and calculates the probabilities of effectively moving those results from prominent positions in the search results.

Our Online Reputation Management Features

Ad Creation & Optimization

Behavioral Targeting

Retargeting Marketing

Analytics & Reporting

Site & User Targeting

CPM Models

Media Planning

Contextual Advertising

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